Frequently Asked Questions

Emily & Joey Randazzo

Will a planner take over and not use my ideas?

Absolutely not! A good planner listens to all your thoughts and ideas. A great planner knows how to take those visions and turn them into reality! Sure, we may have to explain why that pinterest photo doesn't work in real life but it's our job to educate and provide solutions that still achieve your dreams.


Can I afford a planner?

Can you afford not to have a planner? Often a planner's fee is less than 5-10% of the entire budget. A large amount of time, money and emotion is going into a very big celebration. Invest in professional guidance and piece of mind for your special event.


Can you do events other than weddings?

YUP! We love weddings, they are our specialty but showers, birthday parties, and any other special occasion needs some planning help too! Let us show you how endless the possibilities can be and allow you to be a guest at your event.